Key Features


Validate and manage the identity of visitors to your online resources

Our API gives you total control over identity management from the start:

  • Choose when to confirm the identity of anonymous visitors, including the ability to pre-authorize visitors in advance before they request access to protected resources.
  • Choose what combination of authentication methods to support. Enabling new authentication methods requires no additional work at your end.
  • Add private custom fields to capture additional metadata relevant to your operations.

We support a wide range of individual and organizational users types, including sub-units such as institutional departments. Flexible hierarchies make it easy to model organizational groupings such as institutional consortia and corporate structures.

We support a wide range of authentication methods, including authentication through global identity federations, such as the UK Access Management Federation, the OpenAthens Federation (UK), and InCommon (US).

Please contact us to discuss your identity management needs.

Identity solutions supported:

  • Federated SSO e.g. Shibboleth, OpenAthens
  • Standard SAML-based SSO e.g. ADFS, OneLogin, Okta, F5 BIG-IP
  • Non-SAML authentication technologies e.g. LDAP, CAS, Archimed
  • LMS-initiated login e.g. LTI, Clever
  • IP address range
  • Standard identifiers e.g. ISNI, Ringgold and ORCID
  • Individual identity providers e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter
  • Individual identity protocols e.g. OpenID Connect and SIP2
  • Username and password
  • Token/cookie based authentication. This technique can greatly simplify the authorization of mobile devices for remote access.
  • Referrer URL
  • Patron library card
  • Native/local applications
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Control whether visitors are authorized to access your online resources

Control and configure access management to meet your needs. Simply call our API when you want to authenticate and authorize a visitor to access an online resource.

  • You choose whether to manage access through your existing customer/member systems, or through our web-based admin portal, or any combination in between – we’re flexible.
  • You choose the logic applied to authorize users.

Authorization logic can be flexibly applied to a variety of resource/product models. Enabling new logic requires no additional work at your end, making it quick and easy to test new sales models. Data can be fed into your systems for internal analysis, or delivered as custom reports within our admin portal.

Process automation

Our API facilitates integration with a wide range of publisher and 3rd party systems, allowing the automation and enhancement of critical processes, including:

  • Synchronisation of content and customer data with existing publisher systems.
  • Automating fulfilment of online purchases and subscription renewals through integration with online merchants, such as WorldPay.
  • Increase the effectiveness of outbound marketing by exporting data to applications such as VirtualResponse and Constant Contact e.g. welcome emails, pending renewal notifications.
  • Management of unwanted & fraudulent access.

The LibLynx Admin Portal

Optionally manage all customer access from our web-based admin portal, featuring a wide range of features to simplify administration that include:

  • New Account Wizard to speed up manual setup and configuration of new accounts.
  • Bulk import tools to import data as XML or CSV from existing systems.
  • Support for a wide range of content models to allow publishers to manage access at any level from individual pages and files through to large aggregation packages, including versioning management.
  • Support for a wide range of customer models that encompasses consortia and sub-departments within organizations.
  • Enable customers to view usage statistics online via access-controlled and brandable webpages.
  • Tools to enable publisher staff to easily configure the look and feel of customer-facing functionality, including WAYF pages and email templates.
  • Configurable roles-based access allows for varying roles/responsibilities.

Please contact us to discuss your access management needs.

Business models supported:

  • Customer type: organizational (single, group, consortia) and individual sales
  • Organizational hierarchies and sub-units
  • Subscriptions: limited time and perpetual
  • Memberships
  • Concurrency i.e. defined number of simultaneous users
  • Tokens / Coupons / Voucher codes
  • Base + Top-up collections/packages
  • Usage e.g. PPV, metered access
  • Metered paywall e.g. free access, user registration, premium content
  • Custom scenarios – please contact us

Real time, on-demand COUNTER usage reporting

Enable real time COUNTER reporting covering all content types to meet the needs of libraries, consortia and other organizations requiring industry standard reporting.

We can guide you through your reporting needs and configure and deliver the reports your customers need. As members of COUNTER, we can ensure that your reporting is always fully compliant with the most recent COUNTER release.

Flexible integration options

Select data capture and delivery options that best fit your technology needs:

Data Capture
  • Client-side javascript tracker for quick implementation
  • Server-side tracking API endpoint that allows integration directly into your application or through third party logging tools, such as Segment
Data Delivery
  • Your interface via our API
  • Our interface via a hosted and brandable user portal
  • SUSHI web service to enable your customers to easily harvest and aggregate usage statistics from multiple sources

Custom Usage Reporting

We can easily support a wide range of other usage reports to meet the needs of your customers, including combinations of COUNTER compliant and custom metrics and reports.

Please contact us to discuss your reporting needs.

Better understand how users access & engage with your resources

Use our built-in reports or export your data to do your own analysis –you’re in control.We correlate access and activity data with user identities to generate invaluable analytics that tell you exactly how your users are interacting with your web resources.

Drive Revenue

Empower your sales team with analytics to help them spot new sales opportunities and protect their renewal base. Example reports include:

  • Organizations requesting access to protected content for which they aren’t authorized (based on identifiable IP ranges or other information supplied, such as email domains).
  • Trials that converted into paid access within a given timeframe.
  • Subscriptions expiring within a given period, organized by account.
  • Subscriptions that were not renewed within a given period, organized by account.
  • Usage by account, sortable by volume of usage and filtered by account type.
  • Subscriptions with abnormal variances in usage over a given period.

Detect & Prevent Fraud

We can help detect and prevent fraudulent access to your resources by flagging patterns of usage that indicate fraudulent activity, and giving you the ability to deny access credentials associated with them. Example reports include:

  • Source of access, such as unexpected geographic regions or IP ranges associated with potential abuse.
  • Frequency of access, such as repeated access attempts outside of the normal patterns of use.
  • Volume of resources accessed during a session.

We can also help you to trace the source of content that is illegally shared. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

User Support

Improve user satisfaction by providing your support team with better information, including flagging potential problems. Example reports include:

  • User accounts and the protected content that they’ve got access to with start/end dates.
  • Failed access attempts associated with an authorised account.
  • Accounts with one/more subscriptions that will start within a given period to support on-boarding activities.
  • Authentication methods and the number / percentage of sessions associated with each.

Product/Service Development

Develop more engaging user experiences by understanding who your users are, and how they access your resources. Example reports include:

  • User identities – we can help you build a clearer picture of who accesses your content by developing an identity strategy.
  • User preferences – correlate identities with usage to understand the resources that users are interested in.
  • Resources accessed by usage that can be filtered by account and product/service.
  • Access devices and the number / percentage of sessions associated with each.

Please contact us to discuss your analytical needs.

Example reports include:

  • Sales prospects
  • Trial conversions
  • Expiring & expired subscriptions
  • Highest / lowest absolute users + change in usage
  • Abnormal activity patterns (to flag potential fraud/abuse)
  • Authorized resources by account
  • Failed access attempts from authorized users
  • Customer onboarding
  • Access patterns by authentication method / access device
  • Popular resources