Open Access Analytics

“Like Google Analytics for the Publishing Industry”

Understanding your Audience

One of the benefits of paywalls is that you know your audience, but this isn’t the case for content that’s made freely available. Imagine being able to provide a dashboard of targeted analysis about who values your content?

While many organizations rely on Google Analytics, it has 2 major weaknesses:

  • The metrics are very basic – think sessions, page views, clicks etc. One of the drivers behind COUNTER reporting was the knowledge industry’s need for metrics that better reflect user engagement, such as searches, investigations, and requests.
  • The metrics are anonymous aggregates. You got 10k clicks, well done … but how many of them were from the organizations that value your content (vs content pirates?). Google used to share useful details on organizational sources, but dropped this metadata in early 2020.
This is a particular challenge in 3 areas

1. Open Access (OA) Publications
OA publishing has gained significant momentum in recent years, but funding has also brought greater choice. Funders want to understand the impact of their funding. Authors want to understand who’s reading their research. Institutional partners want to understand the value they get from new transformative deals. And OA publishers need to sharpen their case for publishing with them.

2. Mission-driven Content
Not-for-profit organizations routinely freely share a wide variety of valuable studies and other research with their communities, in support of their mission. This work can be expensive, so you want to know that it’s impacting decision makers in the communities you want to address, whether that’s government organizations, other not-for-profits, or the commercial sector.

3. Promotional Materials
Marketing and other promotional materials published by organizations looking develop new business. Imagine if you could identify which organizations were reading or downloading that material.
An easy, flexible solution

Identify over 70,000 organizations
Through our partnership with PSI, we match IP addresses against a repository of over 1.5 billion verified IP addresses for 70,000+ content licensing organizations worldwide.

Credible Metrics
We generate COUNTER-compliant metrics from your raw usage data, ensuring your analytics are credible, comparable, and can be confidently shared with external partners and stakeholders.

Easy to implement
A lightweight tracking script that you drop into webpages to report on usage of free content. There’s also a server-side API for events that can happen outside of a browser, such as downloads.

On-demand, real-time
Why wait for cumbersome, monthly batch processes to deliver reports when you can get on-demand analytics in real-time?

Easy to consume
Feed the metrics into your data warehouse. Embed customizable reports into webpages for delivery to your staff, publishing partners, and other stakeholders in your community. Build real-time reporting dashboards.