Why developers love us…

OAuth 2

Great documentation

Our technical manual contains a wealth of information for developers, illustrating typical integration flows and providing full details of every API call. It also features tools for playing with the API to learn it interactively.

We are always ready to assist, but we’re pleased that many teams have integrated our API using only the manual as their guide!

A consistent, REST-based API

Our API follows REST principles, and if you’re familiar with acronyms like HATEOS, you’ll feel right at home

In any case, our API has been designed to be simple to understand and integrate. The technical manual features an interactive walkthrough demonstrating how an authentication is carried out. Our aim is to ensure that developers can learn the basics of our API in under 5 minutes.

Client libraries are available for some languages, and we’ve also got plugins available for applications like Drupal or WordPress.

JSON or XML supported

Our API can support both JSON and XML as data formats for both sending and receiving information from the API

Bulk imports and exports of customer data are also possible. XML is the best representation here, and we can provide RelaxNG or W3C XML schemas.

API authenticated with OAuth 2

Access to the API is controlled with OAuth 2, which enjoys wide support in a variety of common development environments. In cases where a suitable OAuth library is not available, our tutorial walkthrough illustrates how easy it is for an application to authenticate itself with our API.