Our solutions provide the following benefits…

Enable Access
Simplify Access
Unify Access
Secure Access

An easy & flexible solution for access management of your online resources

Traditional access solutions are expensive, complex to integrate, and inflexible.

Our cloud-based solution offers easy-to-integrate APIs that leave the hard work to us, and usage-based pricing that scales with your needs.

  1. Single API – effortlessly support new products, pricing models and customer types through a single API
  2. Usage-based pricing – fees scale with your business, and significantly reduce the cost of experimentation
  3. Flexibility as standard – easily enable a wide range of authentication methods and authorization logic
  4. Easy integration – our 5 minute, live API walkthrough gets your developers up to speed quickly

Simplify your access scenarios and reduce access friction

Legacy access scenarios are complex and time-consuming for users, especially across products and on mobile devices.

Our solution is greater automation + flexible access scenarios that support the devices and authentication methods that your users need:

  1. Greater choice – enable users to validate their identity using their preferred login method e.g. ORCID, social logins
  2. Optimize for mobile – seamless support for off-campus access via a wide range of mobile devices
  3. Linked accounts – affiliate institutional & individual accounts to simplify access
  4. Increase automation – API integrations with internal & 3rd party applications increase productivity and quality of service

Unify access across products, platforms, devices & customers

Traditional access solutions are tied to publishing channels, rather than independent of them, making it impossible to offer seamless access.

Our solution is independent of your publishing strategy and technology choices.

  1. Seamless – enable users to seamlessly move across your online resources
  2. Consistent – deliver a consistent access experience to users, regardless of where and how they log in
  3. Scalable – easily expand access management across new products & platforms, including acquisitions
  4. Future-proof – insure your access experience against technical change

Secure access with a flexible range of additional security options

Traditional access solutions offer inflexible access scenarios with limited options for increasing security.

Our solution helps you minimize fraudulent access, and balance security & accessibility, with access logic that can be configured at the product level.

  • Product-level control – configure enhanced security options on a product-by-product basis
  • Multi-factor authentication – select the level of security you require, including multi-factor authentication
  • 3rd Party Identities – support 3rd party identity solutions, such as Google Identity