Our solutions provide the following benefits…


Single Sign-On (SSO)

We support Single Sign-On (SSO), ensuring that you can securely and efficiently provide patrons with on and off-site access to library resources:

  1. One login for all resources – a single username and password for each patron that provides access to all the resources that they need, without re-entering credentials each time.
  2. Use existing credentials – use existing organization user credentials to reduce login frustration and automatically update when users join/leave (see below).
  3. Librarian retains full control – you can still control individual access based on need.

Flexible options for updating patron information

Gateway offers four options to update patron information:

  • Individual users can be manually added, edited and removed, including the ability to set expiration dates for user accounts.
  • Users can be automatically uploaded in bulk from a spreadsheet, saving time and effort.
  • Customized self registration pages allow users to self register at their convenience.
  • Integration with your organization’s internal identity solution (learn more).

Network Credentials

LibLynx Gateway can integrate with your organization’s local directory, enabling users to access library resources with their existing network usernames and passwords.

LibLynx is compatible with a wide range of identity standards and protocols, including LDAP and SAML, as well as popular applications such as Active Directory.

Drive usage by lowering barriers to access

Your users benefit from an improved user experience – no need for them to remember yet another set of login credentials. Users can access LibLynx Gateway like any other authorized application.

Retain control

You still retain control when you integrate with your local directory (or SSO). LibLynx Gateway gives you the ability to decide who has access to what at all times. For example, you can:

  • Organize users into user groups and allocate resource access at the individual or group level. User groups can be based on a wide range of variables, including role, department and location.
  • Enable temporary or permanent access for users not included in your organization’s local directory.

Reduce library admin

Your library also benefits from lower administrative effort. Our options include automatically onboarding new users and offboarding users who are no longer eligible.

Increase Password Security

Password sharing is often the result of password fatigue and convenience, as forgotten passwords cause frustration and disrupt workflow productivity. Studies show that users are less likely to share network credentials because of the security implications.

Promote Usage

We help maximize your library Return on Investment (ROI) with tools to promote usage of your library resources:

Single entry point easy, fast access via a single entry point enhances productivity – no more patron time wasted trying to find library resources
Seamless access across resources no need for users to re-enter credentials as they access different resources
Curate resources down to the user level personalize the resources accessible for users, to streamline and simplify access
Support for all devices our adaptive interface supports a wide range of desktop, laptop and mobile devices and their respective internet browsers. We support all modern browsers and many older ones
Self registration pages enable patrons to self-register from anywhere at their convenience. Patrons registering are authenticated by IP address and/or email. Self registration pages can include a range of customization options from logos and color schemes through to a fully personalized branded page
Support for users existing credentials eliminate the need for users to remember another set of credentials

Customize your patron experience to further promote usage

Free resources add links to relevant, publicly available resources
Custom searches enable custom search from within the user access pages e.g. PubMed and Google Scholar
Custom text Create custom text to highlight important information e.g. library hours, new resources, one-on-one support, news and events.
Link to internal documents any PDF or JPG file created with a link can be included on the user portal, such as internal newsletters, publisher tutorials etc.
Custom panels create custom panels to target resources at specific user groups e.g. academic or professional specialties
Branding easily customize logos, colors and fonts to reinforce your organizational branding.  Fully control the look and feel via CSS customization (may require IT support)

Patrons can create a personalized experience with our User Portal

Rearrange/delete panels based on user preference
Highlight favorites Create a favorites resource panel based on user preference

Cost Management

We help manage your costs by giving you control over who has access to what, plus tools to understand your usage costs:

  1. Only pay for the users you authorize for access – you decide who has access.
  2. Flexible access rights – assign specific resource access rights to individuals, groups, departments and locations based on need or subscription, even if you only have a single IP.
  3. Subscription information – store detailed subscription information including resource providers, expiration dates and costs as well as other custom fields you require.
  4. Cost allocation – analyze usage and allocate to cost centers.
  5. Cost per access – review cost per access for renewals and budgeting.
  6. Eliminate unauthorized use of resources – minimize costly overage fees.

Powerful Reporting, on demand

Easily generate reports that analyze and allocate usage by department and location, enabling cross billing of resources between departments and locations.

Monthly statistical reports can be automatically generated based on pre-selected criteria to aid budgeting, and enable adjustments to licensed subscriptions based on actual use.

Create custom hierarchies of user groups and sub-user groups that reflect your organizational structure and allow flexible reporting. Sort reports by a variety of fields including time, geographical location, patron role, groups and individuals. You can even create your own custom fields to meet your own, unique reporting needs.

All the usage data we collect can be viewed as reports within our admin portal, or can be exported for external analysis into applications like Excel.

Minimal IT Involvement

LibLynx Gateway is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that is easy and quick to implement, without requiring support from your IT department.

  1. Completely hosted solution
  2. No software or hardware requirements
  3. Replaces legacy access methods
  4. Support for all devices
  5. Easy for non-technical staff to administer

LOW Cost of Entry + LOW Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • No software development or maintenance
  • No hardware to purchase or maintain
  • No hosting fees
  • No implementation effort