Our Story

Our background

Our team has been working with electronic publications for over 20 years, and our experience encompasses a wide range of technologies, industries, business models and market segments.

We understand electronic publishing – we’ve designed, built and implemented groundbreaking new online resources.

We understand the needs of libraries and other information managers – we’ve worked closely with this community and understand the challenges that librarians face in promoting e-resources.

And we understand access management – we’ve developed many generations of access systems as new authentication methods and authorization models have come and gone.

The problem

LibLynx was born out of our own experience with online resources – specifically, the challenge of balancing accessibility and control. Users expect easy and fast, but often face access scenarios that are anything but.

Organizations typically struggle to invest sufficiently when managing access in-house due to the high opportunity cost of using technical resources to support non-mission critical tasks. As a result, most publisher and library internal access systems stagnate in comparison to new offerings in the market.

Legacy vendor solutions are monolithic, inflexible, expensive and costly to integrate and upgrade. They fail to deliver the agility needed to respond to the rapidly changing market. Worse, they can actively limit choice by tying organizations into particular technology and vendor configurations regardless of changing needs.

The solution

Publishers and libraries need customer-focused access solutions that are:

  • Independent of technology & platform – choose the technologies, platforms and vendors that work best for you – we work with them all.
  • Usage-based pricing scales with your needs – we are jointly vested in your success.
  • Make integration as easy as possible – why make implementation unnecessarily expensive? We actively engineer out integration friction.
  • Offer a high degree of customization – customization is an opportunity for us to deliver a more effective solution, not an excuse to charge lots of fees.

We created LibLynx to deliver on this promise.